Publishing Club

With a focus on literacy and multimedia expression, students and mentors join together in Publishing Clubs to create submissions for Kid’s Standard magazine. Students develop their voice and literary confidence through reading, writing, and research.  As mentors grow in experience, they are encouraged to write a companion piece to be featured in the magazine and considered for a college scholarship. 

Publishing Clubs are school district-specific, with elementary and middle school students learning after school with high school mentors. Mentors guide younger students through the process of writing and creating art. Critical thinking, collaboration, and communication are pinnacle skills developed in Publishing Clubs. Students that participate in Publishing Clubs significantly improve their learning abilities and continue to progress in other programs, like our Michigan Youth Project.

  • Writing Program K-12
  • Storytelling Media: 9-12

The student to mentor ratio is kept at 4:1 to allow for personal attention and building bonds. 

****All students and their families are invited to the year-end event in June to celebrate student accomplishments! During the award ceremony, students will receive their certificates, letters of recommendation, community service hours, and scholarships!