Kid’s Standard’s Pathways program offers high school students training and experience to prepare for the future. Goal setting, academic improvement, and workforce readiness are essential to the program. High school is a critical stage for students and Pathways is here to make this stage and future transitions easier for students and families.


Pathways trains high school students to become qualified to mentor elementary and middle school-aged school students in Publishing Clubs. A qualified mentor is professional and will carefully guide mentees throughout the club’s program. This program is great for high school students seeking community service hours or intending to pursue a career in education, journalism, publishing, technology, science, arts, and media. The program is also fitting for college applications.

After completing Pathways, high school students are also eligible to work with students in the Makers Project and Michigan Youth Project

As a part of Pathways, Kid’s Standard also provides high school students opportunities and assistive services such as internships, interview preparation, professional planning, standardized test preparation, college application support, and resume writing. Students in Pathways will find leadership opportunities and be empowered to grow in any role. Kid’s Standard partners with local businesses for apprenticeships tailored to the student’s experience and interest. Join Pathways to hone your skills, passion, and a sense of purpose!

Pathways Opportunities:

  • Coaching & Mentoring High School Students
  • Pathways to College → How to choose colleges/degrees, funding, college application, college essay writing, & ACT/SAT testing
  • Pathways to the Workforce → Resumes, job applications, interviews, internships
  • Apprenticeship
  • Pathways to Entrepreneurship → Mindset, initiative, strategy, communication skills