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Chelsea Glidden

Chelsea is the Literacy and Volunteer Committee Director for Kid’s Standard Magazine. As a philanthropist, she has served wildlife sanctuaries and the Oakland County Zoological Authority Board. She has an interdisciplinary education, with an A.A. from Edison State and B.A. (Integrative Studies) from Oakland University, where she concentrated in pedagogy and creative writing.Chelsea is T.E.F.L. certified to teach English to non-native speakers.

She also mentors our students to develop their writing talents. She continues to teach in diverse settings because she believes, “knowledge is meant to be shared and discovered. We need more writers and readers.

Various obstacles and existing systems prevent education opportunities or leave students uninspired. Fundamental to my mission as a teacher is to help resurrect the universal human right. I enjoy breaking down communication barriers and love bringing about bold ideas.

Through writing we can effectively communicate ourselves and ultimately enhance our interactions with the world. Kid’s Standard is a valuable educational resource; transforming the community and students into accomplished leaders.