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Arina Bokas’

Arina Bokas, Ph.D., is the Editor and Vice President of Kid’s Standard Magazine. She is a faculty member in the department of English at Mott Community College, Flint, Michigan, where she has been teaching writing for the last 9 years.

She is the author of “Building Powerful Learning Environments: From Schools to Communities” – a book, focused on creating a new canvas for learning that incorporates multiple learning providers, including families and community-based organizations.

She authored and co-authored dozens of education-related publications and presented at the Harvard University’s CASIE/Project Zero and many other conferences for educators nationally and internationally. She also serves on the Michigan PTA Nominating and Leadership Development Committee.

Bokas is a holder of multiple degrees and certifications: Ph.D. (Philology); M.A. (English); B.A. and M.A. (Russian Language, Literature, and History); M.S.A. Graduate Certificate (International Administration). In 2016, she received the Friend of Education award from the Michigan Education Association. In 2014, Michigan PTA recognized her with the Distinguished Service Award.

Bokas, who is also a mother of two children, became the editor of Kid’s Standard Magazine because, in her own words, “good written communication is likely the most critical 21st-century skill, no matter the field, and it is exactly what many children lack.

Recently, I encountered the disturbing statistic that merely 1% of America’s high school seniors can write a clear, persuasive paper. As a college English instructor, I can relate. In the Digital Era, when communication relies heavily on writing, everyone must be able to write clear and concise emails and to differentiate between platitudes and substance for his or her point of view to be heard and valued.

There’s no substitute for writing other than writing. Writing ignites thinking, touches hearts, promotes reflections and personal growth, nurtures relationships, and helps children become independent thinkers and learners.

As an educator and a parent, I would like to see parents and schools work together to create meaningful learning experiences for children. This starts with understanding and sharing.

I believe that Kid’s Standard provides an incredible meeting place for parents, educators, and children that, though writing, will help us to grow into a culture of thinking, collaboration, trust, integrity, and a shared responsibility for the world around us and everyone in it.”